Target audience: Managers

Goal of the session: To update managers on the current workforce and market conditions, the impact on employee profitability and to offer concrete suggestions on where they may be able to tweak processes to increase their ability to deliver results.

Why this session – what value does it bring? Managers are usually inundated in their day to day and can be removed from business trends which can challenge their personal performance and their team’s performance. Business conditions are changing at an unprecedented rate and companies are seeing an impact on attaining goals.


  • Business climate and challenges
  • Workforce: Millennials and GenZ
  • Employee Profitability: Demands on recruiting, onboarding and retention
  • Stories from the field
  • Suggestions on maneuvering the current landscape

Session format:

  • Informal, discussion session
  • Trainer led with accompanying PPT
  • Duration, 1 hour (max)

Cost: $500 per session (maximum 10 participants)