When you ask someone how they are, do you ever hear “busy” or “swamped”? Is it something you might say too? I hear it all the time. We are all so ‘busy’…it is as if suggesting we are not busy, might lead others to think we are not successful, not contributing or, even worse…not needed! Naturally, I am referring to day-to-day life versus times when life throws us a curve ball.

Who isn’t busy? What does busy mean? If we really are that busy, it likely means we have over-extended ourselves and admitting it, rather than making us look good, actually makes us look bad…at the very least, it makes us look disorganized and suggests we are not in control.

Candidates contact me on a regular basis. I ask if they have a CV, or in what state their LinkedIn profile is…I also ask if they have kept up with their professional network. I hear the same thing over and over again; that they know they really should have a CV and that they should have a proper LinkedIn profile and should have kept up with their professional network, overall skills and with the job market in general. But…they haven’t. They have been too busy. The downside? Missed opportunities and becoming (or perhaps already have become) outdated to the market.

Keeping up with your profile, network, and skills is important if you want to be relevant to the market. Playing catch-up is not fun. Assume the people you would compete with for your next position have their CV, profile, skills and professional network up-to-date at all times. And if you don’t think this needs to be a priority because your job is secure, based on the calls I get, this is not the right assumption. Many (too many, in my opinion) people I speak to did not expect to be contacting me.

Let’s agree that everyone is busy. Students are busy, parents are busy, employees are busy, business owners are busy…we get it. Do yourself a favour and don’t drop the ball when it comes to nurturing yourself professionally.





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