Employers work with recruiters essentially by handing-off a specific assignment to find new talent. What the employer may not realize is the recruiter may be sub-contracting the search to yet another recruiter. Does this matter? It may well matter! For starters, it is key for the recruiter to have a thorough understanding of the position. Not a high level understanding -a thorough understanding. Each time a recruiter sub-contracts there is a risk that the level of understanding of the position is going to be diluted. In fact, it is almost a guarantee that this will happen. What is the effect? The recruiters are searching for candidates who may or may not be the right fit. And for every candidate that is not the right fit, the employer is losing valuable time in getting the right candidate on board.

When selecting a search firm, employers should ask specifically whether or not the recruiter sub-contracts searches and if they do, what role the lead recruiter has in the process. Searches can go on unnecessarily long simply because the recruiters do not have the right understanding of the role and they are entertaining the candidacy of the wrong candidates, which is a waste of time for everyone. Working with a recruiter who doses the recruiting themselves or within their office may ultimately be a much cheaper and more effective choice.

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