Whether you are hiring or looking to be hired, throughout the process, watch for red flags.

A red flag will be some type of irritant or some type of “huh?” moment in your discussions with a candidate or potential employer that makes you feel uncomfortable. Did you meet with a candidate who had the PERFECT, hard-to-find skill set but who had an arrogance about them that you could not get passed?  You won’t like that arrogance any better if they work for you. Didn’t like the commute to the interview? You won’t like it any better when you start working there.

It is easy to overlook red flags. If we really want something to work, we are more likely to convince ourselves the issue is not that bad.

Throughout the hiring process, if there is a red flag(s) , do everyone a favour and walk away. The likelihood is, it simply will not work. You will either resent your new hire from the moment they start, or your new boss from the moment you are shown your new desk. When you are in the process, it might seem that the easiest thing to do is hire the candidate or take the job despite the red flag(s), but in the end, it is not worth it and the time wasted on hiring the wrong candidate or accepting the wrong position could have been better spent finding the right one.





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