A resume is the review of your professional experience and accomplishments. Whether you write/update it yourself or engage one of the many talented resume writers out there, you will have work to do up front.

Included in your resume should be all of your major accomplishments. Everything mentioned should have an appropriate a ‘so what’ attached to it; if the reader is going to read it, it should be worth their while;

  • Did you increase revenues? If so, how?
  • Cut costs? How?
  • Deliver training using a new technique which allowed the sales team could get out on the road with better knowledge, faster? There is a difference between that and stating that you delivered training to the sales team, which doesn’t really leave the reader with a ‘so what’.

And while you don’t need a track record which includes finding the cure to a disease or winning multiple awards in your field, you do have to look hard at what you have done and determine what, amongst your many accomplishments are noteworthy based on defining who you are and what you can offer. Start by listing out what you have done. Include everything, regardless of how trivial some of it may seem. Next to each item, write a ‘so what’ next to it. Can’t find one or it is not noteworthy enough? It is possible that item does not belong on the resume. In the end, you want a resume which includes relevant information regarding the contribution you made in the positions you held.

Once you have identified all of your nuggets, you are ready to get to work on your resume. If you don’t feel you can write it on your own, seek the services of a resume writer – speak to a few and work with the one with whom you feel the most comfortable and is within your budget. Whoever writes the resume needs something to start with – some direction. Having completed the background work you will be well positioned to convey who you are and what you would like to get across on your resume.

The goal is for your resume to be the best it can possibly be. Avoid listing what you have done throughout your career. Avoid the task list. Instead, highlight your accomplishments and leave your reader with a ‘wow’ – with a clear understanding that you stand out in your field.

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