Recently, as a guest on CJAD’s Gang of Four, we discussed people’s commute to work. Given I am a stickler for ‘fit’ as it pertains to candidates and positions, the commute is one of those things I consider when looking at a candidate’s potential fit for a position. If a candidate lives too far, I won’t consider them for the position. While they might think the commute ‘is not an issue’, it will become an issue when another position becomes available closer to home, there is an especially difficult winter or a muti-year road work project is annouced, for example.

Employers: Consider how accessible your location is to the candidates you want to attract. Distance and public transportation options matter.  I have clients with offices that are remote and as a result, recruiting is tougher than it needs to be. If you have an office which is tough to get to, you may have to pay higher salaries or let people do some work from home to make opportunities more attractive.

Candidates:  It doesn’t matter to the employer where you live. Where you choose to live is your decision but when deciding, factor in commute relative to where you might be working – is public transit available for days where your car is in for repair or there is bad weather? Perhaps you might want to save on fuel costs and get caught up on reading from time to time?

Hiring Managers should avoid hiring someone who lives too far and candidates should avoid jobs that are simply too difficult to get to. From what I have seen, the long commute is not sustainable and if it comes with no financial or ‘work from home’ incentive, it becomes very unattractive.



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