LinkedIn is huge. There is simply no other way to say it. People are connected and have access to an infinite number of resources. So while people can certainly decide for themselves how and if they use LinkedIn, it should be noted that people who do not, make themselves (in my opinion) look a little out of touch professionally. I recently scheduled a lunch meeting with a candidate. He asked me how he would know who I was when he arrived. I suggested he look me up on LinkedIn, which has my photo.

He thought that was a good idea.

I thought that was obvious.

The candidate did not have a LinkedIn profile. I had to wonder…if the candidate did not think to look for me on LinkedIn to do the most basic pre-interview prep (research the people you will be meeting with), how current is he in his day to day job? Is he going to bring new ideas to the table or is he stuck in ‘what he has always done which seems to work well’?

The candidate was good. But he was a little ‘dated’. While it may not cost him the position, it did not do him any favours.

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