Goal of the session;

To discuss new ways and new avenues to source candidates.

Why does this matter?

Open positions are taking up to 40% longer to fill right now. Given each employee is in a role to increased revenue or decrease cost, the longer a position is open, the harder it is for the Hiring Manager and their team to hit their goals. If the position was budgeted, it means the resource is needed to hit goals. While this has always been the case, the business conditions today make it considerably harder and it is becoming a growing burden on businesses.

Session topics;

  • The value of revamping recruiting processes
  • Modifying the partnership with HR
  • Review of current job descriptions and examples of revised ones
  • Stories from the field
  • Suggestions on getting from current processes to revised ones and getting buy-in
  • Q&A

Session format;
Informal discussion session
Training led with accompanying PPT
Duration, 1 hour

$500/session, maximum 10 participants