Sometimes you read a job posting and think “I can do that”.  In most cases, you are probably right. However, if you don’t have the experience required, it is nearly impossible that a hiring manager will consider your candidacy. 

We receive resumes on an ongoing basis, from candidates who do not have the appropriate qualifications for the positions we are recruiting. Some of these candidates are very impressive – they are senior and accomplished. But I find it curious that they would apply for a position for which they are not qualified. And unfortunately, at least in my opinion, it find it a lack of judgement on their part which I have to assume is not their intent.

Applying for a position takes time and effort. As such, apply for a position to which you are best suited versus one you think you can do. Skills are definitely transferable, but within reason. A hiring manager will almost certainly reject your candidacy if you are not an obvious contender. Why would they engage with a candidate who does not offer the experience to support what is needed for the position?

Stay focused on your search. Apply to the right opportunities and put the effort in to preparing the best application possible, including a cover letter.


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