As soon as I receive a resume, I go to the last page and look for personal interests. I guess it’s because I am trying to get a glimpse in to this person’s life outside the office. Given I like to be very transparent, I will tell you that if I see someone has the same hobbies/interests as I do, I am going to have a greater interest in potentially speaking to that person.

I know there are various opinions at to whether or not your personal interests should be listed on your resume. In my opinion, it’s simple; if there is a chance to connect to your reader then go for it! Any opportunity to connect with your reader is good – very good! I read an article which advised against listing personal interests. In the article, it said that prospective employers may think the candidate has too much going on outside the office and may not be able to give 120% on the job. I call bluff. I would like to speak with the HR leader or hiring manager that is afraid their employees have a life outside the office and hear what they think is reasonable…I suspect it would be a short discussion.

I suggest you list your personal interests on your resume. It helps define who you are and there is a chance you will have something in common with the person who is deciding whether or not to give you a chance for a potential great opportunity. I can’t think of any downside…..can you?

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