Why this session?

Every business has customers and customers need to be managed.

Whether your business is face to face with customers (retail stores, hospitality, restaurant, etc) or you are working B2B, a customer is a customer and managing your customers well is what brings a business best results.

In this session we discuss how everyone – regardless of position –  is responsible for the customer experience and how to manage the inevitable…when a customer is unhappy. We look in to how to take a tricky situation and turn it around. When everyone in the business is on the same page regarding the goals for customer experience, magic happens!

What will attendees leave with?

  • Renewed understanding of their responsibility towards customer experience
  • What they can do to support the business and those on the front lines
  • Examples of how to manage difficult situations for a positive outcome

Intended audience: every person working in the business!

Session duration: 45-60 minutes

Format: Casual discussion supported by PowerPoint

Cost: $500 session (maximum 10 people per session)