The Mentoring Network for Managers offers support for new or developing managers.

Why would you consider this? Most managers are not ready for the position when they take it. Also, most are not very good at managing people nor do they particularly like it, mainly because it is really hard. The Management Mentor program provides experienced, highly regarded managers to mentor your managers. This helps build the manager’s skillset and confidence so they are equipped to be the best they can be, which is good for your business and for your employees…and of course, you know what comes next…that’s right…it is REALLY good for your customers.

Mentoring managers includes, for example;

  • Initial meeting between the mentor and the manager to get to know each other and for the mentor to learn where the manager is in their career, what they do well, what they do less well, how and what they want to develop
  • Managing the boss, colleagues and direct reports; dealing with new bosses, difficult bosses, joining a new management team, managing former peers, managing people  who are more senior, managing a team for best results, managing difficult team members/dynamics, delivering bad news, managing customers, etc
  • Helping to prepare important reports and presentations to ensure top quality deliverable
  • Coaching on recruiting, hiring and onboarding

Can you do this on our own? Of course you can!

….however our experience is that businesses do not have the resources to take this on. Also, often time people at the top don’t really like managing either. Given it is not their sweet spot, the likelihood of them investing time in to this is super super small.

Can you afford this? Absolutely, yes – it’s for everyone!

HELP and ENCOURAGE your managers to find a mentor.

We can get them paired up. Win/Win.