Candidates post negative experiences regarding hiring processes and then, like an oil spill, others jump right in to recount their sob stories.

I don’t understand what we gain from this.

Can we take a step back here and consider the following;

First, HR is typically understaffed. Which business do you know that has enough people on the HR team to handle the overall work load and fill the open positions? Of course they fall behind!

Second, businesses often have hiring managers who are not great at creating job descriptions nor great at interviewing and assessing candidates. Can we all agree…that isn’t easy?

Third: Businesses continuously throw themselves curve balls. Today’s urgent need for Project Managers is easily sideswiped by tomorrow’s urgent need for Customer Service reps. But what about all the effort that went in to sourcing the Project Managers? As telephone operators use to say…”please hold…”

Candidates can have poor experiences in a job search. That’s a fact.

Candidates can also have good, or at least reasonable, experiences in a job search. That’s another fact.

I suggest we stop wailing on the experiences that fall short and start promoting the ones that go well (of which many do) regardless of whether or not we get the position. Let’s work together to make things better by sharing what works versus wallowing in what doesn’t.

You in?



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