Introduction, job experience, education, personal interests….how much space should you allocate to each section?

My suggestion is to be practical.

If you have 15+years of experience, watch how much detail you give on the positions that are, for example,  8+ years old.  While what you did 8+years ago has directly or indirectly contributed to where you are today, it does not warrant much detail on your CV. If the interviewer wants the detail they will ask you about it in an interview. What I do want to know is what you have been doing most recently and how you have been successful at itc. How current are you in your area of expertise? If you programmed in .net 7 years ago or managed a Sales team 10 years ago, but not since, I am not likely to be considering you for either thing today since you have been out of that specific area for too long.

Some people have the same space allocated to a position they held for 4 years and one they held for 18 months. I don’t recommend this. We will accomplish more in 4 years than in 18 months, so having the same about of space allocated to each, in my opinion, is inappropriate.

Take a look at your CV. Look at how much space is allocated to each section and determine if it makes sense. The reader is not going to take a ruler and check, but to get the most out of your document and help you secure a response from the recruiter/employer, give them the information that matters most based on what they are looking for today.


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