As a manager, you need to hire people. If your hiring process and job descriptions are dull and stuffy (and let’s face it, most are), I suggest you freshen up the approach.

Here are some suggestions;

  • You manage it? Own it.
    • Identify what is needed for someone to be successful. Forget about the “nice to have” stuff, just put together a job description based on what is needed for you and your team to hit the business objectives. Everyone will agree they are a team player, so no need to mention it. It is implied that people can interact with others and this will come out in conversation.
    • Review profiles WITH HR so they can see which profiles you gravitate towards. Do the first few screening calls with HR so they can learn how you interact with the candidates and what you ask so they can be better equipped to find suitable candidates to present to you.
  • Say things like who you are, what you do and why you’re hiring
    • “My name is Kathleen and I am the manager of the Customer Success Team. We have 7 people on our team and we interact with our customers via chat, email and phone during regular business hours. Due to  a boom in business, we are looking for two new people to add to the team (OR “…due to one of our colleagues moving on to new adventures, we have an opening on our team”…you get where I’m going)
  • Give them some context regarding what they would be working on
    • “We have exciting projects underway including a new app which will offer more touch points to our customers. You would be part of this exciting initiative and in helping us with customer adoption”. 
  • Explain the hiring process and then stick to it. You are a leader. Show candidates that you lead responsibly and that you value their time.

Be transparent. Use real talk. If you aren’t sure how best to do it, ask you mentor.


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