Disney creates a community and by extension a customer experience, like nothing I have ever seen before.

(Props, Disney, props)

 2018 is shrieking “COMMUNITY!”.  There are ongoing stories of people coming together through community, be it the Time’s Up movement, students mobilizing where adults have failed them or consumers gathering in retail environments that differ drastically from what we have seen in decades.


Look around, you can’t miss it.

Businesses who have had a community mindset from inception as a means to provide the best customer experience are simply carrying on as usual, while others scramble to create it. Shout out to my personal favourite customer experience through outstanding community, Disney.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Disney creates a community experience that in my opinion, is second to none.

On a recent visit, I looked at it very carefully to try and capture the ‘what is it that they do so well?’ What makes millions of people go back time and time again, and thousands of people show up to the parks on a daily basis dressed in Disney ears, t-shirts, carrying Disney knapsacks, sporting Disney jewelry? Marketing?Maybe. But I see it as something much much bigger.

Disney creates community.

They do it so well, that people flock to it, be it in person at a park or wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirt to school, it is totally astounding how they are able to provide an experience that triggers such consistent emotion in their customers.

Everyone is welcome in the Disney community. It is chill, clean, really fun, has something for all ages and stages and they don’t veer from their core value of providing an exceptional experience. Whether you are watching a Disney movie on your TV, visiting a park or boarding a cruise ship, the experience they deliver is the same.

Imagine if all businesses looked at the customer through the same lens?  The ‘customer comes first’ nonsense that businesses proclaim could not be farther from the truth. Most businesses are simply incapable of pulling it off and are doing little to correct it.

It’s now or never for you, businesses…now or never!

Your customers are watching you and deciding where to spend their money.

What are you doing to make progress on the customer experience front?

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