We work with SMBs on how to hire and retain talent in todays’ market. 

Like anything else, the workforce is ever changing. Hiring practices, onboarding and employee investment needs to be ever changing as well. If not, the experience is frustrating – for the employee and the employer.  The goal of Chalk Talk Media is to ensure a positive experience for both, by ensuring the right candidate is in place, the right tools are in place to ensure employee success and most importantly a fast track to ensure for the new employee can make a meaningful contribution to the business quickly.

The new workforce has certain expectations and if they are not met there are plenty of ways they can damage the reputation of any business.  Glassdoor reviews are a perfect example where poor experience reviews will hinder the ability to attract the best and the brightest to join your team. A poor employee experience has a direct impact on Customer Experience.

Therefore, expectations need to be aligned starting with the hiring process and continuing right through the employee’s tenure at your business.

Chalk Talk Media understands the hiring process, the workforce, SMBs and, more importantly, the SMB budget. We offer services on an ‘as needed basis’, or on an ongoing basis.

Services include;

  • Coaching HR teams and hiring managers on what to expect in today’s recruiting and hiring process
  • Job descriptions that are VERY pointed and will attract the right candidates
  • Interfacing with agencies to ensure they understand, for each position, which candidates to submit, freeing up valuable time for the HR and Hiring Manager
  • Screening candidates, whether they come through agencies, social media or elsewhere
  • Working with business owners and managers to align retention expectations per position as per the realities of the job market
  • Defining the right employee experience including ongoing investment
  • Mentoring managers, one to one

Chalk Talk Media has deep experience in these areas and can make SMB recruiting, hiring and retention work a little easier, by offering senior expertise at a cost the business can afford.