Every business says ‘customer first’!

Most mean it. Few have the culture and infrastructure to make it happen.

What do your customers think about you? Do you know? Based on what you know, have you made changes? Do you ever wonder about your competitor and what they might be doing on this front? Customers will no longer accept an experience that is ‘good enough’. Those days are over.

That’s where we come in.

We have extensive experience with customer management.  We follow industry norms and stalk companies who are deemed to be industry leaders (Disney being one of our favourites). While once upon a time, a formal customer management program was ‘the right thing to do’, today it is non-negotiable.

We will work with your business to review what your customer management program looks like today, and how to make it stronger. We offer;

  • Customer Experience Sessions – bring the whole business on to the same page regarding where the customer experience is today, where it needs to be, why all every employee needs to care about the customer and most importantly why they will WANT to care.
  • Customer Management Practice Review – review what your business does today to ensure a ‘customer first’ culture exists in every department and at all levels of the business. Then we provide you with ‘what comes next to raise the bar’.
  • Customer Management Process Changes – we will work with your teams to implement changes that ensure an improved customer experience.

At Chalk Talk Media, we will take the lead.

We are good at it and we will make a difference.

We invite you to call us to discuss.