I previously blogged about the importance of Staying Connected on LinkedIn. That was in 2012.

Today I feel compelled to make a comment about Communication Expectations…in 2014.

An executive candidate I met, someone with a solid track record, an engaging personality and earning 6-figures, has turned out to be, in my opinion, disconnected. In 2014. Now, this is someone who came to me – he is actively looking for a new position- but when I had an opportunity for him, I had a hard time finding him!

I emailed him, but after 24-hours, there was no response.

I checked his CV for his cell number, but he had only noted his home number.

I was taken aback. Someone looking for a new position with no data on his cell to see email, no cell phone on his CV to get a call during the day (at least to get voicemail), and sending  a clear message that he is only available from home, after hours.

What? It’s 2014!

I finally got a hold of him. I phoned him on his office line. Now he was taken aback. I asked if he texts. Nope.

I know I am harping, but it is 2014. Businesses expect people to be available. Always. Good or bad, this is what it is. And at a senior level? Absolutely required. How do you present yourself as a valuable, compelling, senior manager to join an executive team if you are disconnected from today’s communication reality?

Am I wrong about this?

If I were hiring an executive – if I were hiring pretty much anyone, for that matter- I would want someone who at the very least, is current. If they are not current on what is considered to be the communication norm of today, where else are they lagging behind?

Best not to be that person. Just my opinion, of course…








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