As we all know…Networking is SUPER valuable!


  • All people both know things and need to know things
  • Most people genuinely like to help and be helped, teach and be taught…basically, be engaged with others
  • Opportunity is greater when people are connected

Businesses benefit from creating an alumni network.

How to get started?

  • Keep it simple!
  • Send a note to former employees telling them you are starting an alumni network and inviting them to your next company event (pizza lunch, 5 a 7, product launch, open house…etc or create an event just to kick it off and of course all your current employees are invited!)
  • What if only one person shows up?? Who cares! One is better than none and you need to start somewhere. Moving forward you can tell candidates you have started an alumni network  – which benefits all!

Go for it!

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