Lori Dermer, Principal

Located in Montreal, Canada, Chalk Talk Media offers recruiting and business consulting services. 

Who Chalk Talk Media works with

Chalk Talk Media works with small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). We recruit candidates for Senior Management, IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources. Businesses come to us because our reach is far, our net is wide, and our reputation for trust and honesty is second to none. We are proud that clients that use our services come back to us again and again.

We also work with businesses to navigate ongoing changing business conditions. We are sometimes working on process and organizational structure, employee engagement and/or customer experience. We are passionate on each of these fronts and we have a superb track record. 

Principal History

LORI DERMER is a graduate of McGill University, and has over 25 years of senior-level corporate experience with large, respected companies.

A well-known problem solver with a meticulous eye for talent, and passion for employee and customer success, Lori’s people skills are also legendary, as evidenced by her esteemed standing with a vast network of senior executives throughout North America. Lori also mentors senior level executives and is proudly mentored by a ‘junior board’ made up of ages 18-32, who keep her current on what they are see in the work place, as consumers and within their communities. 

If you need help finding candidates, digging in to your processes  to improve how you engage with your employees or the experience you provide your customers, Lori is the person you need. Contact Lori

Trudy White, Chief Learning Officer and Retail Expert

With a degree in fashion Merchandising, a position as a buyer and almost 25 years working with retail technology, Trudy has the kind of experience and deep knowledge of retail business practices that comes only with commitment to the industry.

When Trudy left the corporate world she was keen to remain involved in the retail industry and to use her broad base of retail experience to educate others.

“The idea of using what I have learned to develop a course that would provide an overview on the Business of Retail has been swimming around in my head for some time. I knew from experience that many people in organizations that service the retail industry may not arrive to their position with a working knowledge of the business of retail. Why would they if their area of expertise is QA, Project Management or writing code. However it seemed to me that everyone – the employee, the employer and the retail client would benefit if everyone had a base knowledge of retail, the business processes, the mandates of each of the executive team, the current retail environment and so on, they would be able to understand questions coming from the clients better, they would understand the answers better, they would be able to prioritize work more efficiently…and ultimately, be able to build stronger and more collaborative relationships with their retail clients”.

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